Join us for either/or both a fire Talk & Walk:

October 24th TALK: “Megafires” are increasingly damaging to people and their assets. We constantly hear that “active management” of forests is a cannot-miss solution with highly desired fringe benefits.

But, what is “active management”? Can it live up to the hype? This … Read More

Mark your calendars – our acclaimed mushroom fair is back! Join the Northwest Nature Shop and local mushroom experts, enthusiasts, and connoisseurs for a day of FUNgal explorations!

We’ll have craft booths, food, demo’s, and local organizations in the Nature Shop alley between 10am – 4pm, and opportunities for local mushroom … Read More

Join a culinary adventure into world of oaks and acorn food and eat your way into the oak web of life. A presentation by ethnobotanist and forester, Jolie Elan of the Go Wild Institute will cover fascinating oak ecology and ethnobotany and will be followed by a hands-on playshop to … Read More

What it’s like to hike the entire Pacific Crest Trail? Join local resident Steve Cossin as he shares stories and humor from his 5 month experience from Mexico to Canada on foot, from deserts to whiteout blizzards, on the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail.

Learn more about why every July and August, … Read More

Fun, casual, and educational – it’s an outdoor film night! Join us for our first Movie Night in the  Nature Shop alleyway. We will be showing a couple of short wildlife films featuring stories from the Pacific Northwest. This event is free and family friendly! We will have chairs available, … Read More

The AUTUMN SKYGAZING PARTY is CANCELED due to smoky skies.  Stay tuned to future skygazing parties!

Whether you are an experienced star gazer or you have never looked through a telescope come to the Northwest Nature Shop, 154 Oak St. to view a variety of celestial wonders through telescopes provided by … Read More

In the mid-1600s, most people believed frogs, mice, and insects generated spontaneously from mud, dung or dead animals, and were evidence of the devil’s presence. Young Maria Sibylla Merian collected insects and recorded metamorphosis by painting insects in secret. Her very passions put her at risk of being charged, sentenced, and … Read More

Kids ages 6 and up will have enjoy learning electronics in this fun-filled workshop. Using Snap Circuits, we’ll introduce kids to the basic properties of electricity and electronics. They will learn the fundamentals behind circuitry and how circuits are used in all of the technological devices we use today.
Kids will … Read More

Fun indoor smoke-free kids activities continue at Northwest Nature Shop, 154 Oak St. Ashland on Thursday August 16th 1-3 pm.  Join student Zac for paper airplane making, and become fascinated with an introduction to the mechanics of flight. We will gather at 1pm indoors (with a/c!), but drop-ins are welcome … Read More

Join us for this free talk! During this fire season, take some time to learn about some of the best practices that land managers can use and how to work with fire as a tool for forest health.


It’s more important now, more than ever, to learn about forest fire and … Read More