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Things to do in the Ashland, Oregon area.

Swimming holes


by Jeanine Moy, Northwest Nature Shop Naturalist Southwest Oregon hosts amazing places to go swimming. Our backyard public-lands boast alpine lakes, wild rivers, and tumbling waterfalls on Cascade volcanic rocks and steep Siskiyou drainages. This region is marked by aquatic refuges for people and wildlife alike. Before you go, make sure to ... Read More


Tips for spring morel hunting in southwest Oregon Learn to properly identify morels: Morels will grow singularly from the soil, have a characteristic conical pitted cap, and can be a creamy white color ranging to a dark brown-black. The stalk of the mushroom should be entirely hollow if you cut it ... Read More


  Join local naturalists on free public hikes on weekend days in June and early July 2017. Explore wildlands in the expanded Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument that scientists recommended in order to make the Monument more ecologically whole. Learn about local flora and fauna, visit some nice country, and be inspired to ... Read More
June 19, 2017Marie Uhtoff
Leo and Marie


Our family has always enjoyed a tremendously fun time together outdoors during the winter months. We've put together this Winter Checklist for you and your family as a guide to what to do during the cold and snowy Southern Oregon winters. 1.)  Ski and snowboard on Mt. Ashland.  4 Chairlifts providing ... Read More
November 30, 2016Caroline



Ashland With Kids

Written by Marie Uhtoff   Ashland has many great activities to do beyond the world-renown Shakespeare festival.  Of course I highly recommend taking in a play or two when you are in town (my kids are 5, 8 and 10 and I can always find at least 1 play we all enjoy ... Read More
April 7, 2016Caroline


Come into the shop today for a free copy of the official Northwest Nature Shop Ashland Map and Recommended Hikes!!   1. Lower Table Rock; 5.2 miles round trip (Hiking, No Dogs) 2. Upper Table Rock; 2.8 miles round trip (Hiking, No Dogs) 3. Denmam Wildlife Refuge/ Oregon Fish & Wildlife Office; ponds (Wildlife ... Read More
March 25, 2016Northwest Nature Shop


Written by Jay Van Tussenbrook It's better not to guess. As the rains come and the weather warms, spring flowers aren't the only thing popping up out of the soil. Those little mounds of earth steadily rising in the backyard will soon open up to reveal mushrooms! Here in Southern Oregon that most likely means ... Read More
March 24, 2016Marie Uhtoff
gin lin



The Gin Lin Trail

A lesser known but incredibly variant trail with great interesting and historical significance. The Gin Lin Trail is a testament to the older ways of life during the gold rush, leaving behind a fascinating hike as well as historical considerations as you witness the work of long ago left ... Read More


Hiking the Lower and Upper Table Rocks offers an enjoyable, informative experience in natural history and botany. Our guest writer Heather Headley offers an insightful, thoughtful and informative exploration of one of our local landmarks here in the Rogue Valley. Spring is a wonderful time to rediscover the ... Read More
Table Rocks



The Ecology of the Table Rocks

Written by Abby Nichols of the Northwest Nature Shop, Nature Conservancy Volunteer Field Assistant The Table Rocks are distinct landmarks of the Rogue Valley - two horseshoe-shaped geologic features sitting squarely between the Cascade and Siskiyou Ranges in Southern Oregon.  Remnants of a prehistoric lava flow, these archaic rock formations are home ... Read More
February 10, 2016Caroline