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Local birding and nature trips in the local Southern Oregon area.

Bird Walk


Join Northwest Nature Shop's expert birder Terence Philippe for a series of local bird walks. Spring marks the return of longer days and also heralds the return of many birds that migrate south during the winter. It’s also the beginning of nesting season for many of these returning birds. So ... Read More
February 2, 2016Caroline
Terence Philippe 2


By Terence Philippe The Klamath Basin is well known amongst birders for its spectacular winter collections of raptors and ducks and geese, but did you know that it is also on the spring migration route for wading and shorebirds? April is the month to plan your visit to see Black-necked Stilts, American ... Read More



Klamath Basin Birding

If you havenʼt yet visited the Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuges during the waterfowl migration period now is the time to go! The sheer number and variety of birds throughout the basin is awe inspiring! The waterfowl migration is nearing its peak from mid-March through mid-April, and the eagles and ... Read More
February 15, 2015Northwest Nature Shop


Ashland Pond, tucked away below Quiet Village on the north side of town, is one of Ashland's best kept secrets. Experienced birders know it as one of the area's birding "Hotspots" where the variety and concentration of birds is awe inspiring.
February 15, 2015Northwest Nature Shop


Winter Birding in Southern Oregon By Harry Fuller What birds do we see most in Southern Oregon in the winter? In the Rogue Valley there are over a dozen species of ducks that can be found each winter. We also frequently have Lewis's Woodpeckers, Cedar Waxwings and Varied Thrush in significant numbers. On ... Read More
January 28, 2015Northwest Nature Shop