LED Illuminated 9x Jewelers Loupe – 25 mm


Optics are largely about getting enough light on the subject to see details clearly. This can be particularly difficult when using hand lenses in the field: The small objective lenses of jeweler’s loupes (hand lenses) do not provide much light on the subject and often you’re in a forested environment, or the sun is not bright. The LED lighted jeweler’s loupes solves this problem without adding much to the size or weight of the hand lens.┬áThere is a large field of view and large lens diameter – (18 mm). The two LED lights light up the subject perfectly. All lenses are glass so they resist scratches, the body and shell are chrome plated steel.

This “30x” magnification features two LED lights so the image is very bright. It is actually a very versatile lens (more so than any 30x hand lens) I would recommend considering this a great substitute for a 9x hand lens if you will be using them in the field. These hand lenses are labeled 30x but from comparing them to other lenses I would consider them most usable at a 9x magnification-There seem to be a variety of ways of measuring magnification in hand held magnifiers, which depends on on how close you hold the lens to the object, as you pull the magnifier away from the object the image gets significantly larger but becomes very difficult to hold in focus. With that caveat I am sure this will quickly become your first choice in your hand lens collection and make a great primary hand lens.

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