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                  If you haven't been by the shop recently then you likely haven't seen our new garden patio space. Last year we decided to convert some of the old blacktop area next to the store into an inviting and relaxing outdoor area. After months of design sessions and permitting we ... Read More
June 16, 2017Marie Uhtoff


Written by Steve Harvey Have you ever had you breath taken away by the sight of a summer meadow in bloom?  The lush and richly varied colors of a meadow filled with summer's wildflowers or a carpet of flowers in a shaded forest glen are sights that most of us truly ... Read More
March 24, 2016Marie Uhtoff


A Landlord's Guide to Getting Started By Treasa Runzi Bluebirds are native to the North American landscape. The last couple of centuries, their natural habitat has dwindled due to increases of urban, agricultural, and industrial developments. The introduction of non-native species, like house sparrows and the European starling, has led to an ... Read More
February 15, 2015Northwest Nature Shop
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Bird Feeding Tips

Find solace and splendor in nature by watching birds feed at your backyard wild bird feeding station.  Here are our expert bird feeding tips for attracting birds to your backyard: 1.  Provide a variety of feeders The most universally eaten birdseed at a backyard bird feeder is black oil sunflower seed.  Provide ... Read More
November 20, 2014Northwest Nature Shop